A smart jumpsuit could track development in at-risk babies - read the articles by New Scientist, University of Helsinki, and Spectrum

A smart jumpsuit for babies can monitor their movement, and may be able to spot any potential mobility issues, allowing early intervention during this critical time window for development.

“The smart jumpsuit provides us with the first opportunity to quantify infants’ spontaneous and voluntary movements outside the laboratory. The child can be sent back home with the suit for the rest of the day. The next day, it will be returned to the hospital where the results will then be processed,” explains Sampsa Vanhatalo, professor of clinical neurophysiology at the University of Helsinki.

Read the University of Helsinki press release and articles on NewScientist and Spectrum web pages:

UH: A smart jump­suit provides in­for­ma­tion on in­fants’ move­ment and de­vel­op­ment.

NewScientist: A smart jumpsuit could track development in at-risk babies.

Spectrum: Smart jumpsuit may help test motor skills in infants with autism

BabaCenter 26.2.2020


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