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Why study baby brain activity?

It is known that early brain development is guided by a baby’s brain activity itself. Any challenges to a brain’s wellbeing may have lifelong consequences, such as compromised performance in school, work, and other areas of life. Beginning around mid-gestation to about few weeks prior to normal birth, a baby’s brain exhibits a unique type of activity only seen within this given developmental time period. This special brain activity is necessary for the survival of brain cells, or neurons, as well as for proper connection of these neurons. Early brain activity is very sensitive to disturbances, and even mild disturbances to a brain’s condition can have an impact on later neurological development.

To ensure healthy infant brain development, we apply knowledgeable understanding of proper neurodevelopmental mechanisms. Using this background, our lab strives to differentiate atypical developmental at an early age to allow for corrective care towards healthy brain development.

Is brain research harmful to babies?

All study methods at BABA are perfectly safe. We often record brain activity (EEG) during sleep. Hence, our studies are designed to make our infants feel comfortable for restful sleep. Some of our other studies are done with the infant awake, involving friendly interaction with the researcher while e.g. following pictures presented on a computer screen.

How could my child participate?

Please provide us with your contact information via our web form found on our home page. We will contact you as soon as we are able. Most of our study protocols begin prior-to or shortly after birth, however we are also interested in studying older infants. Our lab is more than delighted to help match your child to a study that meets both your interest and schedule best.

Does participation benefit my child?

Our studies are designed for research data collection purposes. Thus, we are not allowed to influence or provide medical care to our patients. However, children who participate in our studies are seen by medical professionals who perform various tests within BABA. Thus, there is opportunity for your child to get special attention and assessment by knowledgeable medical personnel. In the case of a medical concern or emergency, we will always let you and/or the treating physician of your child know.

Is there a cost to participate? Am I paid for participation?

Participation in all our projects is absolutely free of charge. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to provide monetary compensation to our participants, however we fully reimburse all travel expenses from your home to BABA.


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